About Us

defining characters and their emotions

Phyzical Visual Arts Company are visual artists, pointe shoe makers and high heel shoe makers who created a performing arts inspired, artistic feet and foot pointing visual art concept.  Using elements of Film, Performing Arts, Sculpture, Concept Photography & Music Composition, when combined, it presents the Foot as an Artistic Subject!

defining characters and their emotions

A performing arts inspired, artistic feet & foot pointing visual art concept.

PVAC is an always evolving concept. The basic idea is to think about expressive movement and how we communicate in ways that are different to the typical and conventional approach.  We work to Create unique and expressive art forms defined by the presentation of the Dancer’s Feet and how they use Touch as a means of interactive and expressive communication with the human body and or other interactive prop elements.

Essentially; instead of the dancers foot interacting with the dance floor as the primary “performance surface”, the PVAC concept works to develop themed visuals where the dancers feet use the human body (in essence) or other usable props, as the primary “performance surface”.

Thus using this interaction between the two we create unique ways of visually communicating ideas, defining characters and their emotions (or just defining raw emotion in itself), and illustrating different types of metaphoric concepts.